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Follow our journey as we build Puristics, a new brand of anti-aging skin care without harsh chemicals. For us, the past 3 years have been filled with "aha" moments as we educate consumers about label literacy - knowing the ingredients in your beauty products, since harsh chemicals can end up on your skin. We welcome you to learn from our experiences both as businesswomen and busy moms, and please share your own stories, too!

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Spring Fever

Well, let me just say sometimes I actually wish I had the fever, so that I could say no to the endless demands of a busy spring sport season. My boys are both playing baseball and my older son is also playing travel soccer.

Just last week I got their schedules, and we have something for one of the boys on EVERY day of the week.  That includes Saturday and Sunday. Three of those days involve sports for both of my boys.

So, as I sit here and panic, I know that I need to come up with a plan. How will homework get done? And how will they get fed?  There are no options in town that offer quick healthy ideas and I really resist the urge to drive thru the fast food chains. When I don't get to cook, it stresses me out. But, I have to get over the fact that we won't have sit down meals for a few months. Last night, I proved that we could have quick, healthy meals that would meet most of my requirements.  I had my son, Chase, at baseball from 4:30-6 and my husband (who often travels) took Seth from 6-7:30. Chase and I came home and I declared it "buffet night." This is great: It gets my kids excited about eating leftovers.  I cut everything in small bite sizes and put it out on a platter and serve with toothpicks.  We had cheese sticks, strawberries, whole-wheat toast, ravioli, and broccoli!  I pulled it together in about 10 minutes. Then I sat and read Chase his new book while he ate.  I realized that the cooking could wait, sitting with him was more important.

Last night I was also happy to have my Puristics ready when I got home.  If you live in NJ (or near), the wind was unbelievable last night.  There were gusts of 40 mph, and it was about 40 degrees at practice. I walked up and down and around the fields just trying to get moving to be warm (and fit in a mini-workout). When I got home, I was wind burnt. I was so happy to wash my face and slather on some Puristics lotion. My skin is so sensitive – it’s the truth; ask anyone in my office – if products pass the "Ginny" test, they are good to go!  Before Puristics I would be scared to use a product after weather like this (especially a scented one). I would fear it would burn. But not Puristics… I have enough on my mind – thank goodness I don’t have to worry about my beauty products!



A Safer Baby Shower

Baby showers have been forever changed.   This past weekend, I attended one and each and every baby bottle and toy that was opened was clearly marked as “paraben and phthalate free.”  It was only a decade ago that women didn’t even think about what their children may be exposed to.  Now, it's one of the most important issues to consider.

While the “mother to be” was opening gifts and the crowd of women were oohing and ahhing, I took the opportunity to ask some women, “Have you ever thought about the ingredients in your anti-aging products”?  The responses were not surprising, at least to me.  I got a few blank stares. A few nods of the head.  A few raised eyebrows. But for the most part, the majority had no idea that the very things they were avoiding in baby products can be found in their anti-aging skincare products - things they use on their faces every day.

Baby showers are forever changed, and a few years from now, women’s beauty rituals will also be transformed.  It’s all part of evolution – your desire to better yourself and your children.




I don’t know about you, but New Years resolutions never stick. But now that it’s February, it’s time to start thinking about a realistic goal for the year ahead. My advice is to start small and build on that success toward something bigger.

Here’s an easy goal for 2012 – instead of trying to add something new to your daily regimen (ones I have tried: going to the gym, eating more kale, flossing) how about taking something away… like all of the potentially harmful chemicals that may be lurking in the products you use every day.

Small change; big results. Switching to an effective anti-aging skincare product with no scary chemicals is not a life-altering event – but it’s progress. If you’re feeling better about how you look and what you’re putting into your body, you can build on that positive momentum, make more good choices about the products you’re buying and consuming. You may turn around and find that your small resolution led to something pretty big for the year ahead.