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Follow our journey as we build Puristics, a new brand of anti-aging skin care without harsh chemicals. For us, the past 3 years have been filled with "aha" moments as we educate consumers about label literacy - knowing the ingredients in your beauty products, since harsh chemicals can end up on your skin. We welcome you to learn from our experiences both as businesswomen and busy moms, and please share your own stories, too!

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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings…..

Pretty new packages during the holiday season are just about everyone’s favorite things.  The kids like giant packages but I prefer the really small boxes. :)   This season, our team is especially excited about the thousands of packages we’re wrapping up to send to you.  I’ve had the good fortune to stand next to our packaging line and watch the care that is taken to make sure the bottles are filled to the right level, the labels are on straight and the cartons are packed up just right.  After the cartons are shrink-wrapped into bundles for the retailers, they really look like a brightly colored gift. 

Testing the pump with Quality AssuranceFinished packages

We’ve spent months and months working on the design of our packaging - - selecting just the right pumps and tubes and developing the graphics - - so it’s a thrill and a huge relief to see them roll off the line. Yes indeed, these are a few of my favorite things!  And we’re so looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

(check out my blog titled "Happy Birthday to Us!" to take a peak at Puristics Baby)


The Safe Cosmetics Act: Good News or Bad?

You may have seen the proposed Safe Cosmetics Act in the news, especially if you follow product safety in the beauty products industry, are interested in the development of safer products or have an eye open for all things “green”.  As someone who cares about all three very much, I’ve been watching it closely.  I remain hopeful about the ultimate outcome but the current battle of opinions can make it hard to know who the “white hat wearers” are.  The pros and cons have been shouted, loudly, from both sides of the debate.
As articulated on Sweet Leaf Essentials, some opponents of the bill argue that it would cause unnecessary government meddling in private industry and result in job losses because of poorly written and over-reaching regulation.  On the other hand, proponents say that the bill could help support makers of chemically-conscious products.  These “purer products” are often more expensive to make and the cost to formulate and market these products amid the sea of large brands with complicated ingredient lists can be overwhelming.  The Safe Cosmetics Act could help to even the playing field and will certainly help to bring greater awareness to the issue, driving consumer demand to the benefit of all who work to reduce our collective questionable chemical burden.

I see the concern of people who are afraid of over-regulation - - I am not a big fan of government intervention if/when marketplace forces can bring about the necessary change.  But, marketplace forces sometimes need a leg up.  I agree with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics when they say that the act is warranted.  I believe it will result in greater awareness of the issue which will, in the end, result in the consumer getting back in the driver’s seat and demanding more of manufacturers.  Initially, regulation will require manufacturers to change.  Eventually, consumer demand will drive the more lasting and meaningful change. 

We know much more about our medicines and our foods than we do about what our skin is absorbing every day, and this is worrisome. I know from personal experience that it takes a lot of time and effort (and cost) to make sure the ingredients that go into skincare products are top quality, safe, effective and beneficial. Cutting corners in the interest of saving time and money is all too easy, unfortunately.  I’m sure that it happens more often than we imagine. As a consumer, I want to be sure I protect myself against ineffective or potentially harmful products. And as a creator of personal care products, I want to make sure that my high standards are reflected throughout the industry and that the consumer doesn’t have to do all the legwork.


Happy Birthday to Us!

The first Puristics products rolled off the packaging line yesterday!!  It's funny that our first products to be packaged are our baby products because I definitely feel like I've given birth again - - nausea, sleep deprivation, constant checking on the progress - - without the weight gain and stretch marks.  The rest of our Puristics Baby products and our full Puristics Totally Ageless anti-aging skin care products will be finished before Christmas.  It's truly the most wonderful time of the year here at Puristics.  


Hunger in this Season of Plenty

We’re all bombarded this time of year with appeals to give and gather for the less fortunate.  I make a point to involve my kids in this seasonal support - - my “angels” take the angels from the giving tree to the local stores and choose just the right coats, gloves, hats and other necessary “gifts” for the visitors to our community soup kitchen.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s a minor gesture, but it does give me the chance to get otherwise self-absorbed children to think of the needs of others.  Even though we’re doing some good and the kids are getting a better understanding for the world outside of their comfortable suburban cocoon, I hate the fact that it’s just a focused effort during the holiday season.  I’d love to find a way to do something, more regularly, year round.

A recent article in The Daily Green got me thinking.  My logic path is a bit circuitous but stay with me.  The article tells of an effort in NYC public schools to reduce waste by eliminating the use of styrofoam trays once a week, so called “Trayless Tuesdays”.  This small step is laudable in it’s own right, and we’d all do well to think of similar adjustments we can make to reduce waste and our contribution to pollution.  What if the schools combined Trayless Tuesdays with a collection for hunger relief?  The kids who typically bought lunch could bring a lunch and donate the difference in cost or they could mark the day with a canned food collection for the local foodbank.  Each week’s effort needn’t be that massive, but a weekly effort throughout the school year could really make a difference.  Not only would such an effort make a difference to those needing the food, but it would help to shape the perspective of the school kids.  I’m well aware that even a modest donation might be beyond the means for some school kids, but most kids could find a way to help.  To take the concept beyond the schoolyard, why not take savings from a Meatless Monday and collect it over the year to save for a donation from your family? Maybe that small tweak to Trayless Tuesdays or Meatless Mondays could have a far-reaching ripple effect and help fight waste, reduce the use of potentially harmful chemicals and help to feed the hungry.  Let me know how you do.


Happy Hanukkah!

The sun has just set here in New Jersey, marking the 6th night of Hanukkah. As my Jewish friends enjoy being in the middle of their Festival of Light, I find myself a little envious that they are able to enjoy their celebration without the chaos and crassness that seems to threaten Christmas each year. This year, my life is the perfect storm of hustle and bustle.  We’re working tirelessly to finalize the details for the Puristics launch all while I’m shopping, wrapping, cooking, volunteering and caroling so my family’s traditions stay in tact.  I’m making it an extra priority, therefore, to take a few days from the hustle and bustle to spend time celebrating with my family.  The time is hard to carve out, but I think that joy and peace has to take precedent because it’s what matters most to all of us. So as you celebrate Hanukkah, please accept my very best wishes for a joyful, peaceful, blessed holiday with your loved ones.

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