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With Climate Change, Think Globally; Protect your Family Locally

I sometimes worry that Global Climate Change has become such an enormous issue that it is too big for us to handle.  Because it is such a big and complicated mess, we must rely on lawmakers and regulators to take action on our behalf.  If we decide that governmental bodies and NGOs are the only ones who can make a change then we may decide that we no longer have any personal responsibility.  Separating recyclables, taking shorter showers or switching to biodiesel may seem like such trivial steps that we decide to just forget the whole thing.

I just became aware of a new tool from the NRDC that helps to personalize climate change.  I think this approach has the potential of re-energizing each of us, because the worries and solutions are local, and each of us will be able to feel that we're making an impact, at least on the health of our families.  I submit that there are very few of us who are able to think altruistically of the greater good for a long period of time if there's not a visible, palpable benefit for our own lives.  The NRDC Climate Change tool enables you to look at the specific risks where you live and what you should do to protect your health and safety.

I live in New Jersey.  When I used the Climate Change tool for my area, I was able to read about the impact of climate change in New Jersey, see that the counties where I live and work are affected by flooding (knew that) and that there's potential for exposure to dengue fever due to mosquito bites (didn't know that).  As an asthma sufferer, I was most interested in the air pollution information.  It's an interesting tool and will certainly make you more aware, in an empowering way, of climate change and it's impact on you.

A few months ago, I did a Pure Talk video blog on a similar web-based tool called Scorecard, The Pollution Information Site.  This is another useful tool for understanding the hazards near your home or workplace.  The Scorecard tool includes information on the prevalence of hazardous chemicals in your zip code.  Check out either or both sites just to know a bit more and to breathe a little easier, perhaps.

Feeling overwhelmed by the potential hazards awaiting you each time you step outside?  It certainly can be overwhelming if we allow ourselves to get pulled into all of the "might happen" scenarios.  I like these tools because they give me a general awareness of what is going on right around me, what I might do to be reasonably prepared/protected and what small steps I can take in my daily life to make sure that I'm part of the solution rather than being part of the problem.  They're meant to inform, not alarm - - no need to build an underground bunker just because you learned that your areas watershed flows are a bit low!

Generally, my focus is placed on the hazards most within my control - - what am I eating, drinking or putting on my skin.  Many of us have answered the "what am I eating and drinking" question well enough, but have we spent enough time pondering the "what am I putting on my skin" question?  You know I have, and you know what I recommend.  Instead of taking my word for it, click on one more link, check out the ingredients and make the choice that's best for you.  What are you using?  What's working for you? What new or different products would you like?   If you've already made some changes in your personal care product regime, I'd love to know about them.  And keep the information coming. 

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