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The Healing Powers of Mother Nature

Today, the Washington Post and several other news outlets reported the exciting and astounding:  Microbes have consumed all of the estimated 200, 000 tons of methane gas that “burped” into the Gulf of Mexico last summer in the wake of the BP oil spill disaster.  The environmental ripple effect of the disaster has not disappeared but at least the methane has.  Exciting and astounding.  While Mother Nature’s ability to heal herself is not news to me (the “comeback” of many of our waterways after the implementation of the Clean Water Act is a great example), the speed with which the microbes consumed the methane gas is really remarkable.  If we quit polluting or pollute less, we really can give the Earth a fighting chance.

I think we can do the same with our bodies.  We know that smokers can dramatically improve the health of their lungs by quitting smoking, even after many years.  Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by lifestyle changes and a commitment to proper exercise and diet choices.  Most fascinating to me is the way the brain can often compensate and “heal” after a traumatic loss.  I believe we can give our bodies an extra boost, or at least a fighting chance, by making better choices in our personal care products and foods. 

Much like the environment, if we quit polluting our bodies or reduce the pollution load, our bodies will have a chance to recover and to be stronger and healthier in the future.  There is simply no need to add to our personal pollution loads when we choose face lotions, feminine protection products or baby care products.  Choose products that deliver on the same benefits but avoid any extra “loads”.  It’s certainly not billions of gallons of oil or hundreds of thousands of tons of methane gas, but then again, we’re not giant bodies of water being scrubbed clean by micro-organisms.

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